Stem cells were first identified in cord blood over 40 years ago. The umbilical cord blood utilized in our RECHaRG product contains a mixed population of cells (hemopoietic stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells) that have the capacity to self-renew, release growth factors, and further develop into more specialized cells. These cells have also been associated with contributing to tissue homeostasis, anti-inflammatory responses, and anti-oxidant effects. This collection of cells can work together to provide a synergistic effect to offset the naturally occurring processes that typically derive from age and environmental factors.

RECHaRG is intended to help with inflammation and to enhance the healing process. It can be used to treat the following potential areas:

  • Aesthetics
  • Back pain
  • Cartilage damage
  • Nerve injury
  • Degenerated joints
  • Joint dysfunction
  • Knee injuries
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Ligament tears
  • Meniscus damage
  • Muscle tears
  • Tendon tears


To learn more about RECHaRG and the benefits it offers compared with other stem cell therapy options, contact Gulf Coast Health & Wellness today.